My Nasty Experience With SARS And How I Made Them Beg To Refund The 100K They Extorted From Me, Even Though I Didn't Know Any Top Police Officer Or Have Special Connections.


my name Is Scottson Daniel and I own www.spesec.com Nigeria's No.1 personal Security Company.

I have an interesting story to share with you today that would make your life easy as a Youth Or business man in Nigeria.

I have always been a victim of Police and SARS  harassment Because of the fact that i am young and dress well,

There is no week I drive out that they won’t stop me.

There was even a day they told me to come down in a Keke {Tricycle} because they saw an iPhone 7 with me.

And each time they stop me, I always end up parting with at least 10K,

The funniest part of all is that I do a very Legit business, but because of their constant threats, and the Fear i had for them {I don't want to die young jare} and the fact that i don’t Know anybody on top.

I Became A Free ATM For SARS Officials In My Area

They always made me to pay each time they see me. I even had to stop using my car at a point.

So one day a friend of mine came home happy that he has been refunded his cash that was collected from him by SARS.

I was confused and I asked how did you do that ?

He said it was very easy to actually get your money back once you can have proofs of them extorting you.

But Getting proofs of them extorting you is the hardest thing on earth.

Because the first thing they do once they hold you is to seize your phone and not giving you any opportunity to make a call Worst part is they don't accept cash transfer anymore they prefer you go to the ATM To Withdraw cash and give them.

So my friend introduced me to what he used which was a Spy wrist watch.  

You might be wondering,

What is a Spy Watch.?

A spy wrist watch is a watch that can record, video and snap pictures of your surrounding without anybody even knowing or suspecting anything.

My friend advised me to get the spy watch,

Which i did, because it was something I can wear around and not forget at home and it can record for 60-70 minutes straight.

I searched for good quality ones all over Nigeria But didn’t find any, so i bought it directly from The US.

After getting it from the US I tested It, recorded and the recording was super clear and i could view it on my laptop.

So I Was ready For SARS And General Police Harassment.

I can now record as much evidence as i can against them without anybody knowing i am actually recording.

The watch looks like every normal watch around,


Wasn’t too long after i got the watch,

I was driving out of my office In Abule Egba and just before I divert to head home a small mini bus popularly called KOWOPE,

Blocked me and I saw Guns flashing everywhere.


I parked,

Who are you?

I introduced myself and even told them shop 4 on this building is my office.

To cut long story short,

I had to follow them to their SARS Office and all these while i was recording what was happening without them knowing, one even looked directly into my watch camera without knowing, telling me he likes my watch.

Getting to the station, I was asked to bail myself for 250K. I Negotiated to 100K.

I was innocent, but the team leader said“God Has blessed you, just share our own too or we go collect am by force”}

Why, They said or else would I sleep in their cell and nobody would know i was there. 

WHAT I did next was simple.

I left my car in the station went to withdraw 100K with one of them following me and not allowing me to make any calls.

While handling the Money to them i ensured I talked a lot about how all these was robbery, one was even boasting I should go and report anywhere there was no evidence.

After leaving the station, I went straight to the house downloaded everything I recorded to my laptop and I instantly contacted PCRRU On facebook and instagram, then I followed up with calls.

I sent them a video recording of all that transpired and happened.

I did this because I already know that having evidence when been harassed by sars or any government official is enough to get justice  or your money returned back to you.

In 3 days I was called by PCRRU,

They have identified the officers in my video and because I was scared of any harm.

I went with my lawyer to their office and I was handed my cash back WITH AN APOLOGY.

They wanted me to identify the officers, but i refused cause I was scared their colleagues Might trail me and come for me.

I told the man incharge That The  

Video I Sent Them Was Enough.

I LATER HEARD That the Leader of the SARS team was suspended and the rest of the team queried.

So that was how I won against sars 

I also Got to know some top Police officers too and now I can move and live freely in Lagos without fear of been harassed..

After this incident a lots of my friends wanted same spy watch so they can also record things happening around them without anybody noticing.

So I helped some of my closest friends to buy this Amazing Spy Wristwatch From the US and they loved it.

I’m sure that after reading this you Too will desperately Want to get this wristwatch especially if you are a businessman or a normal youth who have experienced hell in the hand of SARS officials in your area, so that you can record events as they are happening without anybody knowing.


Some guys who bought it have testified that this Spywatch saved them from paying thousands of naira to SARS. Even some businessmen friends of mine have used it and are amazed at how easy recording meetings have being since they started using the Spywatch.


BUT Before I show you how to get the Spy Wrist Watch, let me tell you exactly what the spywatch will do for you.

  • It’s Perfect for Recording business Meetings And Agreements: If you are about to sign or enter any business meetings, you don’t have to worry anymore about remembering what was said or replaying exactly what happened incase need be.

  • For Students to record lectures in Classes: Perfect for recording lectures, speeches, conversations and watching it over again to understand what was taught and to retain vital information passed in the classroom

  • And for recording life threatening encounters such As SARS, RIOTS, PARTIES And so on.

  • It can be worn inside the rain, because its Waterproof with a long lasting battery life that won't fail you in your crucial time of need.

  • It Can Record for 2 hours straight when fully charged

  • This spywatch has an inbuilt 8gb memory
  • High definition video with voice Adjustable sound recording alone for WAV format. This video’s can be retrieved later and watched in HD Crystal clear format.
  • Real time record any video and audio evidence instantaneously. So you won’t be accused without evidence.
  • Comes with Fast charging, Battery gets full within 30 Minutes.


“This Spywatch Can Be Your Secret James Bond That Make You Appear Smarter Than Everybody Around You Because Your Have Real Life Evidence Of EveryThing That Happened Between You And Them Without Them Knowing You Recorded It….Smart”

Now, How Can You Get It?

The First watch i bought was for N31,000 and it took 2 weeks for it to land in Nigeria and i even paid for N11,000 transporting down to Nigeria.

But You Don’t Have To Buy It At That Expensive Price Or Wait For 2 Weeks..

This is because I was able to negotiate with the suppliers and got it at wholesale prices. I imported just 50 pieces because the major supplier I wanted to buy from said they can’t sell less than 50 pieces at once.

 I have sold some to my close friends, other people saw it with them and also wanted it so I ended up selling 28 pieces 

And now i am left with 22 pieces

 At first I wanted to pack up the remaining ones, lock them up in my office and forget about it but on a second thought I decided to bring it out to the general public because I know other people might need it too and I want people who really need it to get it.

and I am left with just 22 pieces and I would like you to have it at a PROMO” price of N21,500

1 Spywatch Goes For N21,500 ONLY instead of N31,000 

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If you buy this Spywatch right away I will give you a Key tracker as a FREE GIFT.

The Key Tracker Cost N5,000 Normally

With this key tracker, you won’t need to start looking for your keys at anytime, because you will simply attach the Key tracker device to your keys and you can monitor where your keys are, From your phone.

That means once you can’t find your keys, just turn on your key tracking device on your phone and it will show you where exactly you lost it.

Amazing Right?

I am giving you this key tracker as a free gift once you buy the Spywatch for just N21,500

But you have to Order For Yours Right Away to get the key tracker.


I can assure you that you that Ordering this Spywatch together with the key tracker is one of the smartest moves anybody can make.

I know devices like this can malfunction at times, therefore anytime you have issues with it, You can simply call our customer care number or Walk Into our Office, I guarantee you that it will be fixed..no arguments or stories (ONLY except you are the one who spoilt it)


“After Much Thought I Have Decided to Help JUST 22 People Get The Watch To Their Location Anywhere In Nigeria”

BUT I have both GOOD news and BAD news…

The BAD News is This Offer Is Not For Everybody Neither Is It Available Forever.

Like I said earlier on, I have just 22 pieces available for sale and this are the original ones.

Once this one finishes, I will stop selling.

This means that anybody that wants it after it has finished would have to go and import it by himself and I pray you get good quality ones that the battery would last long, is waterproof and is very fine too and it’s cheap like this too. 

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Thanks for reading.

Scottson Daniel 

C.E.O Ekiema Services And Spesec.com



1 Spywatch Goes For N21,500 instead of N31,000


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