This Smart CAR CCTV Security Camera Would Save You From All Forms Of Harassments And Wrong Accusations Incase Of Accidents And Over Zealous Law Enforcers, Because It Records And Give Ultra Clear Video Recording Of Everything  happening Both In Front And Behind You While yOU drive. 

This Device Perfectly Captures And RECORDS Moments, Arguments And Accidents That Happens Both In Front And Behind Your Car While You Are Driving. It Also Gives Superb Evidence To Combat All Wrong Accusations By Over Zealous Drivers And Law Enforcement Agents . 

Ville Dashcam would save you from been accused wrongly in tough situations.

The Ville Dashboard Camera Starts To Record Everything Happening Around Your Car From The moment You Start Your Engine Till You Stop It.

It can record for an amazing twenty (20) straight hours without any break and comes with a motion sensor that warns you when you’re about to hit anything.

And it comes with a 16GB Storage memory card (72hours recording capacity), that can easily be inserted in your phone for playback or transfer of clips to your computer.


The reverse camera feature is great, gives you clear details of anything that may be behind you and help you avoid hitting another car, human or anything.

It has a Long Lasting Battery.

It can record super clearly at night, which means you can still capture and record everything happening even while driving at night.

Best Part of it all is that each recorded video would have a time stamp, which would show the exact time and date the recording was captured.

This Ville Dashcam is simply a must have for every car owner who wishes to ply the road with full confidence, devoid of all harassments and wrong accusations.

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Here Is How to Order Your Own Ville DashCam

1 Dashboard Camera Goes For N25,500 ONLY instead of N38,000 

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The Car Scratch Pen Cost N8,000 Normally And The Key Tracker Cost N9,500.

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With the Car Scratch Pen: you don’t need to visit a panel Beater or use hydraulic every time, because you will simply open the pen and apply it on the scratched portion of the car and watch the magic happen. 

That means once you scratch your car, just bring out the pen and apply it on the scratched portion and that place would look like new again.

With the key Finder: you don’t need to start looking for your keys at everytime, because you will simply attach the Key Finder device to your of bunch keys and you can monitor where your keys is from your phone. 

That means once you can’t find your keys, just turn on your key finding device on your phone and it will show you where exactly you lost it.


Amazing Right?

I am giving you this KEY TRACKER And CAR SCRATCH PEN as a free gift once you buy the VILLE DASHCAM for just N25,500

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You Have To Order For Yours Right Away To Get The Key Finder And Car Scratch Pen.

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But you have to Order For Yours Right Away to get the Car Scratch Pen.

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