This Latest Solar-Powered HD Security Camera Lets You See, Hear And Speak To Anyone On Your Property From Your Phone, Tablet And PC.





Dashboard Camera’s are one of the most essential security items all car owners are to own, because it allows you to record everything that happens while you drive.

The Ville dashcam is Smart Car Cctv Security Camera Would Save You From All Forms Of Harassments And Wrong Accusations Incase Of Accidents And Over Zealous Law Enforcers, Because It Records And Give Ultra Clear Video Recording Of Everything  Happening Both In Front And Behind You While You Drive. 

It starts to record from the moment you put on your car till you put off the engine.

The ville dashcam is a first of its kind dashboard camera, it was built to stand the test of time And was designed with rugged and rough drivers in mind.

The camera captures wide angles and nothing escapes the scope of the camera.

The Ville Dashboard camera’s are manufactured with the highest quality materials in the industry and the softwares its built on was designed to work with all kinds of cars.

Below are some more details about the Ville Dashcam.

It can record for an amazing twenty (20) straight hours without any break and comes with a motion sensor that warns you when you’re about to hit anything.

And it comes with a 16GB Storage memory card (72hours recording capacity), that can easily be inserted in your phone for playback or transfer of clips to your computer.

The reverse camera feature is great, gives you clear details of anything that may be behind you and help you avoid hitting another car, human or anything.

It has a Long Lasting Battery.

It can record super clearly at night, which means you can still capture and record everything happening even while driving at night.

Best Part of it all is that each recorded video would have a time stamp, which would show the exact time and date the recording was captured.

This Ville Dashcam is simply a must have for every car owner who wishes to ply the road with full confidence, devoid of all harassments and wrong accusations.


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