Optimal Prodigy started like a joke 5 years ago.

I was in a bar taking a light shot of tequila  and i overheard a popular Hollywood actor shouting at his manager, why hasn’t the clothes and gift items won by some of his fans not been distributed yet and manager had nothing to say.

Then it strucked me. the manager is so busy with so many things and he barely has time to attend to a competition,

talk more distributing items won by the fans.

That night optimal Solutions was birthed and we stepped in to manage all inventories for some of the biggest celebrities in the US.

5 years down and we have some of the biggest celebrities as clients and still waxing stronger,.

We love the simple approach to life and business. No much drama or design.

Our Approach is Simple,

Give us, We keep It,

Ask for it to be sent, we send it.

Ask for it to be collected and we collect it.

No questions asked.

With us, be assured you are in safe hands.