We believe that our homes—mostly the people (and pets) we share it with—are what really matter. Protecting the “where” and “who” in our lives gives us more time to enjoy it all..


A Cutting Edge security Technologies company FULLY FOCUSED ON Bridging the gap between old and outdated security methods with modern and more updated security systems for safer and more relaxed security.

The Ville brand is a brand that has a very simple goal. 

To put security of life and properties at the fingertips of all humans.

All our products are designed to fit into latest technologies, while also making it easy for adaptation and use.

Secrecy is our watchword, so all our products are designed to blend in with surroundings

Ville Smart Security Systems is focused on ensuring that clients personal security are been monitored at all times by themselves on the go. 

Outsourcing security of life and properties are a thing of the past for each and every client that decides to own one of our cutting edge brand.

We believe in creating security solutions that doesn’t have to be bogus and complicated to use.

And all our focus and efforts is directed at giving world class security products through our brand without having to cough out unreasonable amount off time and money to figuring out how the products work.

We use a simple approach to manufacture all our products, 

Which is if any of our products can’t be put into full use at the click of 4 buttons, we don’t bring it to market. 

We ensure its as easy to use for even a baby.

This is our mission and who we are and we hope we can be off great service to humanity. 



Ville Smart Security is a leading provider of professional, integrated security solutions and services based in Lagos, Nigeria and aimed at bringing safety and peace of mind to its clients and their communities.