First Of All, I am not a rich Guy, infact I am not rich..

But one thing I know very well is that I am pretty good at making money online and I can show anybody the right way to make money online.

The real truth is that making money online is easy but takes a reasonable amount of work and dedication, with some tiny sprinkles of focus.

Plus you must at least know exactly what you are doing.. and get to master the art of doing the right thing at the proper time

This article is not about a step by step approach on how to make money online

But a solution to why you are currently not making any money online despite how hard you are working at it.

Some years back when i started my entrepreneur dream I wanted to make money online fast.

So i was jumping from one latest offer to another. Until I finally discovered what I was doing wrong.

{I discovered that my major problem is what we call shiny object syndrome, That is jumping from one latest method of making money to another}

The real truth about making money online is you must choose and focus on one particular thing at a time.

You cant be blogging, at the same time doing fiverr, affiliate marketing and info marketing.

Yes you can do those when you have finally laid a good foundation for yourself.

Not when you are just starting out and you are yet to make a dime online, Your major focus early in your journey is to make your first dollar, flip it and keep flipping it before you jump unto the next one.


You would complicate things for yourself.

So what I would advice you do is 

1.choose one part of online marketing, and focus on it {my best advice is digital or Affiliate
marketing} These cost the least to get into and the learning curves is faster.


2. Get a mentor who has a record of making money online… and force/beg him to coach you
till you make your first money.. but know coaching aren’t free.


3. Know that making money online is not a stroll in the park, it has to do with a lot of thinking, sleepless nights and hardwork..


My last words before I go….

Never believe anybody who tells you that making money online is simple.

Or anybody that tells you, you dont have to do any  work to make money.

The real truth is for you to make money online, you must be willing to work hard.
Because money does not come easy online..

See you next Time